Bee Creative

Graphic Design & Marketing Consultants

Sit back and relax, you’ve earned it. You’ve arrived at the only graphic design agency you’ll ever need from now on. Bee Creative treats all of its clients to only the highest level of service and expertise…and all at the lowest possible price.

Due to our unique structure we can afford to charge considerably less than other design agencies because we don’t employ any auxiliary staff, such as account handlers or personal assistants, etc. Working directly with clients means an uninterrupted flow of communication. This streamlining of the creative process enables our designers to more clearly understand and provide solutions for each of our clients requirements, and saves a significant amount of time on each design job.

When it comes to design costs, we’ve simplified that too! Unlike every other design agency, we’re completely open about our charging structure. We charge all our clients in exactly the same way, so you can rest assured that you’re always getting the best possible value for money. Click on our ‘Pricing’ page above for full details.

So if you require the services of a friendly (ego-free) graphic designer, web designer, photographer, SEO expert, or perhaps a video editor – congratulations – you’ve just discovered multimedia nirvana with the Bee Creative graphic design agency!

Ben Bracken [of Bee Creative] is one of the most creative, prompt and helpful designers I have ever worked with.

– Pollyanna Gunning, Classical Music Manager, Sony Music Entertainment